Ristorante Limone

Starting Point

Revitalizing Ristorante Limone, Milan: We amplified its online presence, integrated delivery services, & improved brand consistency, driving engagement, revenue, & stellar reviews.

February 2023. 

An iconic restaurant in Milan was not performing well. 

Ristorante Limone was facing stiff competition in Milan's vibrant culinary scene, so it was essential to stand out and attract more customers.

  • The restaurant struggled with managing its social media platforms, failing to leverage these channels to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and promote special events or offers.
  • Ristorante Limone's website did not effectively represent the restaurant's ambiance, menu, or customer experience. Additionally, there was a lack of a proper brand bible.
  • The restaurant was not present on popular delivery platforms, missing out on a significant portion of the market that preferred online food ordering and delivery.
Our solution

Our team implemented a comprehensive online presence strategy for Ristorante Limone, encompassing website redesign and optimization, social media management, and integration with popular delivery services.

Through an appealing and user-friendly website design, engaging social media content, and integration with platforms like Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Glovo, we successfully enhanced Ristorante Limone's online visibility, customer engagement, and market reach.

The restaurant experienced increased website traffic, higher brand awareness, and tapped into the growing demand for online food delivery, expanding its customer base and revenue streams.

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Final Results

The final result was an enormous success, leading the client to have:

  • 600% increase in website visitors.
  • 96% more online bookings the website.
  • Monthly revenue increased by 28%.
  • 150,000€ in sales through delivery services.
  • Significant growth in the average vote received in customer reviews, reflecting the improved customer satisfaction and positive perception of the restaurant.

Increase in online bookings

The improved website experience resulted in higher conversion rates.


In sales through delivery services

Setting up an efficient delivery network resulted in a new source of revenue.


Monthly revenue increase

All the work done resulted in the restaurant's remarkable revenue increase.

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