Starting Point

October 2022. 

DEXTools counted 6M visits each month.
What most users do not know is that DEXTools has a token, $DEXT, which is used in their ecosystem. 

The goal of the client is to:

  • Increase social media presence.
  • Generate more recognition of the token.
  • Positive influence on the token performance.
Our solution

Our team has implemented a comprehensive Twitter and Reddit marketing campaign for DEXTools, aimed at increasing the visibility and recognition of their token, $DEXT.
Throughout the campaign, we diligently monitored popular posts, actively engaged with users, and provided valuable information through a combination of impactful tweets, detailed threads, and informative articles.

In addition, we identified a need for an interface that could consolidate and present crucial data about $DEXT in a user-friendly manner, leading us to develop The Burn Dashboard.

This powerful tool empowers users to effortlessly access and comprehend essential data, highlighting the token's strengths.
Not only does it serve as a valuable resource for token holders seeking relevant insights, but it also acts as a brilliant marketing tool for the project or company itself.

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Final Results

The final result was an enormous success, leading the client to have:

  • More than 10M impressions on the social media covered.
  • Growth of monthly visits on the platform: from 6.7M to 15M.
  • More than 35.000 organic Twitter followers.
  • 416% $DEXT growth in USD: from 0.12$ to 0.62$.
  • 19% growth of $DEXT holders: from 14123 to 16792.
  • Best article written on DEXTools cit. CMO Frederic Fernandez (link).

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